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WOW!Sany forklift successfully “breaks into” NASA


WOW!Sany forklift successfully “breaks into” NASA

Recently, Sany Port Machinery’s 25-ton forklift was successfully delivered to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). The product support department of Sany USA and its agents worked around the clock for three weeks to solve the problem of adapting the product to the third-party special gantry fork and knife system. Finally, the rectification was completed before the deadline, and the delivery was completed in the afternoon of the same day. Operator training.

It is reported that this equipment adopts a special gantry, which must be produced and purchased locally in the United States. However, when the gantry arrived, the installation holes of the gantry did not match the SANY oil cylinder, and the hydraulic valve and hydraulic pipeline did not match the SANY equipment, which made it impossible to install and needed to be redesigned and rectified. Sany US Product Support Department has designed and implemented the plan together with the agent to overcome the high temperature of open-air work and the tight delivery time. After three weeks of re-rectification, the installation was successful and the equipment was running normally. This is also the first time in the United States that the Sany mainframe and the third-party special gantry fork and knife system specified by the customer are seamlessly connected.This device will be used to send and receive special overweight items in NASA’s logistics warehouses, possibly including Mars landers. 

The customer said that such a large-scale device has never been used before, and this device can better meet the sending and receiving support of large objects and overweight objects. In the process of use, customers said that Sany’s equipment is simple to operate, easy to use, smooth to use, and saves time and worry. This also shows that the product design is more attentive and more reasonable.
It is worth mentioning that this equipment has good safety and stability, high efficiency and energy saving. The main components are the products of major global suppliers, such as the fourth stage engine of Cummins, Dana transmission, Kessler drive axle, Pomke hydraulic pump, etc.
At the same time, this device is more intelligent than other products on the market in the United States. Sany equipment can change and debug common system parameters through the smart display in the cab, such as forklift lift speed, upper and lower limit buffer height, while other products on the market usually need to be connected to a laptop. Sany equipment is superior in convenience and usability.
Sany America Industrial Park is located in the center of Peachtree, Georgia. Since its establishment, Sany America has actively promoted localized construction, deeply integrated Chinese and American R&D, service and manufacturing resources, and built a variety of earthmoving machinery and hoisting machinery that sell well in North America. , port machinery, etc. With its product advantages and service quality, Sany America has won many orders in the international market, and is highly favored.
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