Undercarriage Spare Parts

Undercarriage Spare Parts

Hyunkook manufacture and stock undercarriage components and spare parts for most popular makes and models of micro, mini and midi excavators, alongside a full range of rubber tracks.

Undercarriage Spare Parts

Hyunkook offers full range of Undercarriage Parts such as; Track Roller, Top Roller, Sprocket, Idler, Track Chain & Shoes, Track Link for various types of excavator and bulldozer, and all other kinds of spare parts like pin, bushing, high-strength bolt & nut, Link Bucket, Cylinder, Piston, etYou receive various types of track roller, carrier roller, idler, sprocket chain link and so on with high quality, and high service. If you buy our products, your satisfaction will be absolutely guaranteed.

drive sprockets

Sprockets in particular, should ideally be replaced whenever new tracks are fitted to ensure they are of the correct pitch and will mesh properly. This is particularly true on rubber tracks, which rather than wearing the teeth down, tend to wear the dwell between the teeth, down towards the sprocket centre. This type of wear damages tracks since it causes an effective reduction in the sprocket pitch, and an increase in tooth height.

Excavator & Bulldozer Undercarriage Parts

Bottom rollers should generally be replaced either as a whole machine lot, or at least one track frame at a time, since fitting a single new roller alongside worn items, will result in the new item bearing too much load, causing premature failure.
Any worn, seized, or loose components can cause damage to tracks and track motors due to increased drag and may also cause premature failure of rubber tracks due to sprocket damage to the core wires as a result of de-tracking.

Hyunkook offers a wide selection of excavator and mini-excavator aftermarket undercarriage replacement parts.

APPLICABLE excavators
Excavator Parts for Hyundai Excavator R55-7, R110-7, R170-7, R140-7, R210-3, R210-7, R250-7, R290-3, R290-7, R300-7, R320-7, R360-3, R360-7, R450-3, R450-7

(HYUNDAI) R15-7, R16-7, R16-9, R22-7, R27Z-9, R28-7, R35-7, R35Z-7, R35Z-7A, R35Z9, R36N-7, R55, R55(# 5001-), R55-3, R55-7, R55-7A, R55-9, R55W, R55W-3, R55W7, R55W7A, R55W-9, R55W-9I, R55W-9S, R60-9S, R60CR, R75- 7, R80-7, R80-7A, R80CR-9, R95W3, E140W9S, R110-7, R110-7, R110-7A, R110-7A, R1200-9, R120W, R1300WM, R130LC, R130LC-3, R130W, R130W3, R140LC, R140LC-7, R140LC-7A, R140LC-9, R140LC-9S, R140W7, R140W7A, R140W9, R140WH, R145CR, R145CR-9, R145SCR, R145SCR-9, R160LC-3, R160LC-7, R160LC- 7A, R160LC-9, R160LC-9S, R170W3, R170W7, R170W7A, R170W9, R170W9S, R180LC-3, R180LC-7, R180LC-7A, R180LC-9, R180LC-9S, R180W9S, R200LC, 

R200NLC-3, R200W2, R200W3, R200W7, R200W7A, R2000W7AD, R210/220LC-7H, R210LC-3, R210LC-3H, R210LC-7, R210LC-7A, R210LC-9, R210LC-9, R210NLC-7, R210NLC-7A, R210W, R210W- 9, R210W9H, R210W9MH, R210W9S, R220LC, R220LC(#5001~),R220LC-9S, R220LC-9SH R2200LC-7(#3776~), R235LCR-9, R250-7, R250LC-3, R250LC-7A, R250LC-9, R260LC-9A, R260LC-9S, R280LC, R290LC, R290LC3, R290LC7, R290LC7H, R290LC9, R290LC9MH . , R5000LC7AD, R520LC9, R520LC9A, R520LC9S, R520LCH, R555-7K, R555M, R555MVP, R555WM, R8007AFS, R800LC7A, R800LC9, R800LC9FS, R8000LC7A

Excavator Parts for Doosan Excavator S55, S80, S130, S170, S220-3, S220-5, S280-3, S290-V, S330-3, S300-V, S340-V, S330-V , S360-V, S420-V, S450-3, S470-V, DX140, DX210, DX225, DX300, DX340

(DOOSAN) S70-III, S130-III, S170-III, S220LC-III, S280LC-III, S330-III, S400LC-III, S450-III, S130W-III, S170W-III, S200W-III, S55W-V , S55W-V, PLUS, S130W-V, S140W-V, S160W-V, S170W-V, S180W-V, S185W-V, S200W-V, S210W-V, DX140W-3/DX160W-3, DX190W-3 B55W-2 , S030, S030PLUS, S035, S55, S55-V, PLUS, S75-V, S130LC-V, S140LC-V, S150LC-V, S155LC-V, S170LC-V, S175LC-V, S220LC-V, S220N-V , S225LC-V, S225NLC-V, S230LC-V, S250LC-V, S255LC-V, S290LC-V, S300LC-V, S330LC-V, S340LC-V, S400LC-V, S420LC-V, S450LC- V, S470LC-V, S500LC-V, DX15/DX18, DX19, DX27Z, DX30Z, D35Z, DX55, DX60R, DX80R, DX62R-3, DX63-3, DX85R-3, E60, E62, E63, E80, E85, DX140LC, DX140LCR , DX160LC, DX180LC, DX220A/DX225LCA, DX225LC, DX225NLC, DX235LCR

DX235NLC, DX255LC, DX300LC(A), DX340LC, DX340LCA, DX350LC, DX380LC, DX420LC, DX420LCA, DX480LC, DX480LCA(DX500LCA), DX520LC(A), DX700LC, DX140LC-3, DX140LCR-3, DX160LC-3, DX180LC-3, DX225LC-3, DX255LC-3, DX300LC-3, DX340LC/350LC-3, DX380LC-3, DX420LC-3, DX490LC-3, DX530LC-3, DX140LC-5, DX140LCR-5, DX180LC-5, DX225LC-5, DX235LC-5, DX235NLC-5, DX235LCR-5, DX255LC-5, DX300LC-5(~10049), DX300LC-5(10050~), DX340LC-5/350LC-5, (~1049), DX340LC-5/350LC-5, (1050~), DX380LC-5, DX420LC-5(~10010), DX420LC-5(10011~), DX490LC-5(~10011), DX490LC-5(10012~), DX530LC-5(~1006), DX530LC-5(1007~)

(Daewoo) DH02S, DH028, DH028-2, DH04, DH04-2, DH04-M, DH07, DH07-3, DH07S, DH07W, DH08, DH09, DH10, DH10L, DH16



(KOMATSU) PC200 PC200-6 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC200-8MO PC200-10 PC300 PC300-7 PC300-8 PC300-8MO PC300-10 PC45 PC50 PC55 PC56 PC60-5-6-7 PC60-8 PC70-8 PC78 PC100-3 PC120-6 PC130-7 PC200 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC220 PC270 PC240 PC300-6 PC300-7 PC300-8 PC360 PC400-6 PC400-7 PC400-8 PC450-6 PC600-6 PC650-3 PC650 PC800 PC1000 PC1200 PC1250 PC55 PC100 PC120 PC200 PC210 PC240 PC300 PC360 PC400 PC450 PC600 PC800 PC1000

Excavator Parts for Volvo Excavator EC55, EC210, EC240, EC290, EC360, EC460, EC700 etc. .

(VOLVO) EC35C, EC50, EC55B, EC60, EC70, EW50, EW50B, EW60C, EW70, EW130, EW130C, EW140B, EW150C, EW160B, EW170, EW180B, EW200B, EW230B, EC130C, EC135B LC, EC140LC, EC140B LC, EC150LC, EC160B LC, EC180B LC, EC200, EC200B, EC210B LC, EC220DL, EC230B, EC240B LC, EC250DL, EC280, EC290B LC, EC300DL, EC330B LC, EC360B LC, EC380DL, EC390, EC450, EC460B LC, EC480DL, EC700B LC

(KOBELCO)SK200 SK200-2 SK200-3 SK200-6 SK200-6E SK200-8 SK230 SK250 SK330-8 SK330-6 SK350 SK400 SK450 SK480 SK200 SK200-6 SK200-6E SK200-8 SK200-8 SUPER SK330 SK330-8

Excavator Parts for Caterpillar Excavator CAT312 CAT315, CAT326 CAT330 CAT336 CAT345 CAT349 etc.

(CATERPILLAR) C2.2 C2.6 C4.4 C6.4 C6.6 C7 C7.1 C9 C-9 C9.3 C11 C13 C15 C18 S4K S6K 3066 3406 3306 3508 E320 E320B E320C E320D E320D2 E320D2L E330 E330B E330C E330D E330D2 E320D E320D2 E330D E330D2 E336D E336D2 E305.5 E306 E307 E308 E312 E315 E318 E320 E323 E325 E330 E336 E345 E349 E365 E374 E390 CAT305.5 CAT306 CAT307 CAT308 CAT312 CAT315 CAT320 CAT323 CAT324 CAT325 CAT326 CAT330 CAT336 CAT345 CAT349 CAT365 CAT374 CAT390

(SUMITOMO)SH55 SH60 SH75 SH50 SH100 SH120 SH200 SH200-3-5 SH220-2-3 SH280 SH300 SH350 SH400 SH450 SH200-A3 SH200-A5 SH200-3 SH200-5

Excavator Parts for Cummins,ISUZU,Mitsubishi,Deutz,Perkins,Kubota,Yanmar,Liugong,Kubota,IHI,XCMG,Case,Yuchai,JCB Excavator

(ISUZU) 4JJ1 4JG1 4LE2 4BD1 4BG1 4HK1 6HK1 4BD1 6BD1 6BG1 6WG1 6UZ1 6SD1

(LIUGONG)CLG904 CLG9055 CLG906 CLG907 CLG9075 CLG908 CLG915 CLG150 CLG920 CLG921 CLG922 CLG225 CLG924 CLG925 CLG933 CLG936 CLG939 CLG942 CLG948 CLG950 CLG952 CLG200 CLG205 CLG220 CLG225

(KUBOTA)Z482 Z602 D722 D902 D1005 D1105 D1305 V1505 D1503 D1703 D1803 V2203 V2403 V2607 V3300 V3307 V3600 V3800 KX135 KX185 KX155 KX161 KX163 KX165 KX183


(XCMG)XE55 XE60 XE65 XE75 XE80 XE85 XE135 XE150 XE155 XE200 XE205 XE215 XE225 XE245 XE270 XE305 XE335 XE370 XE380 XE400 XE470 XE490 XE700

(CUMMINS) A2300 B3.3 4B3.9 6BT5.9 6C8.3 M11 KTA19 NH-220 NT-855 QSB3.9 QSB5.9 QSB6.7 QSC8.3 QSL9.3 QSM11 QSX15 QSK19

(MITSUBISHI) S4K S4S S6K 4D31 4D34 6D14 6D16 6D22 6D24 6D31 D04FR D06FR 4M50

(DEUTZ) BF4M2012 BF4M1013 BF6M2012 BF6M1013 TCD2012 TCD2013 D4D D6D D6E D7D D7E D12D D13 D16

(PERKINS) 402D 403D 404D 1104 1106 1706 2206 2406 2506

(YANMAR) 3TNV70 3TNV74F 3TNV76 3TNM72 3TNM74 3TNV82A 3TNV84T 3TNV86 3TNV88F 4TNV88 4TNV92 4TNV84 4TNV86 4TNV88 4TNV94 4TNV98 4TNE94 4TNE98 4TNV106T

Caterpillar Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

CAT311, CAT312, CAT313, CAT314, CAT315, CAT316, CAT318, CAT320, CAT323, CAT325, CAT326, CAT330, CAT335, CAT336, CAT349, CAT352

Komatsu Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

PC18, PC20, PC30, PC35, PC40, PC45, PC55, PC60, PC70, PC78, PC88, PC90, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC138, PC150, PC160, PC200, PC205, PC210, PC220, PC228, PC270, PC300, PC350, PC400, PC450, PC550, PC600, PC650, PC850, PC1250, PC2000, PC3000, PC4000, PC5500, PC7000, PC8000

Kobelco Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

SK10, SK17, SK20, SK25, SK28, SK30, SK35, SK40, SK50, SK55, SK60, SK75, SK80, SK100, SK120, SK125, SK130, SK135, SK140, SK160, SK170, SK180, SK200, SK210, SK220, SK225, SK230, SK250, SK260, SK300, SK310, SK320, SK330, SK340, SK350, SK360, SK380, SK430, SK450, SK500, SK850

Case Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

CX17, CX26, CX30, CX33, CX37, CX57, CX60, CX75, CX80, CX130, CX145, CX160, CX210, CX235, CX245, CX250, CX290, CX300, CX350, CX470, CX490, CX750, CX800

JCB Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

JCB8008CTS, JCB8010CTS, JCB15C-I, JCB16C-I, JCB18Z-1,JCB19C-I, JCB8020CTS, JCB8025ZTS, JCB8026CTS, JCB8030ZTS, JCB8035ZTS, JCB48Z-I, JCB51Z-I, JCB55Z-I, JCB57C-I, JCB65C-I, JCB67C-I, JCB85Z-I, JCB86C-I, JCB90Z-I, JCB100C-I, JS130, JS131, JS141, JS180, JS190, JS220X, JS260, JS300, JS330, JS370, JS145W, JS160W, JS175W, JS200W, JS20MH

Sumitomo Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

SH55, SH60, SH75, SH80, SH100, SH120, SH130, SH135, SH140, SH150, SH160, SH200. SH210, SH220, SH225, SH240, SH280, SH300, SH330, SH350, SH400, SH450, SH460, SH480, SH500, SH700, SH800

Sany Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

SY16, SY18, SY20, SY35, SY50, SY55, SY60, SY75,SY80, SY135, SY140, SY205, SY210, SY215, SY220, SY235, SY240, SY245, SY265, SY305, SY335, SY365, SY500, ST700, SY750

Liu Gong Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

CLG9035, CLG904, CLG906, CLG908, CLG909, CLG915, CLG921, CLG922, CLG925, CLG928, CLG930, CLG933, CLG936, CLG939, CLG945, CLG950, CLG970

XCMG Excavator Undercarriage Parts
And Track Link Track Roller Sprocket Idler

CX40, CX60CA, CX65CA, CX80C, CX85C, CX135C,CX150D, CX200C, CX215C, CX255C, CX260LL, CX265C, CX335C, CX370CA, CX470C, CX500CA, CX700C, CX900C, XE60W, XE150W, XE210W


Caterpillar, Doosan, Yanmar, Sany, Kobelco, ISUZU, Hyundai, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi etc.

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