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What do aftermarket spare parts mean?


What do aftermarket spare parts mean?

Aftermarket Spare parts are spare parts manufactured by a company other than the original manufacturer of your construction or agricultural machinery. The quality of the Aftermarket spare part is usually the same as the original spare parts.

Aftermarket parts are also known as:

OEM Spare Parts

The original spare parts are in the packaging of the machine manufacturer (CAT, JCB, KOMATSU, VOLVO, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, etc.). Usually OEM spare parts are manufactured in the same factories, but the brand of the machine is not placed, because in many cases, the manufacturer of “original” spare parts, ie. OEM, produces the same spare part for different brands of construction and agricultural machinery.
OEM Parts of these categories are often cheaper than spare parts included in the machine manufacturer’s brand packaging.

Where are aftermarket spare parts for construction machinery produced?

Many of the spare parts used in many brands of machines are manufactured by different manufacturers. Many construction and agricultural machines use Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Kubota engines, which are produced in various factories around the world, according to the type of machine in which the engine is placed (Tractor, Excavator, Bulldozer, etc.), ie. this basic component, like the engine, is not manufactured by the brand of the machine.

In construction machinery, the other main component is the hydraulic system, hydraulic pumps and distributors. The main manufacturers of hydraulic components for installation in construction machinery are: Parker, Casappa, Kayaba, Kawasaki and others, which again are not manufactured by the machine manufacturer.

Bridges and differentials – these main manufacturers are ZF and Carraro.

Chassis spare parts in tracked machines (tracked excavators, bulldozers, etc.) are mainly produced by the largest manufacturer Berco. Berco is the largest European manufacturer of chassis, chains, rail, sprocket, sloth, running rollers and more.

Most of the chain machines are offered by the manufacturer with these brands of components.

Aftermarket spare parts are produced on a single production line. as the “original” spare parts go through several added steps. Branding of the part, stamping with the manufacturer’s logo “KOMATSU” for example, packaging and labeling in the manufacturer’s packaging and the same spare part becomes more expensive for the consumer and further “inflated” by numerous intermediaries then to the end user.

What do customers think about Aftermarket spare parts?

Aftermarket parts have been the subject of debate among people for many years. Customers are worried that this type of aftermarket spare parts are not as good, safe and reliable as the original parts of the manufacturer.

This is completely wrong thinking and guessing.

Aftermarket parts have been preferred by many customers in recent years because they already see the difference between “Original” and Aftermarket spare parts. Over the years, aftermarket parts have gained popularity and are considered alternatives to manufacturer parts, and in some cases it has been argued that they may even be a better choice, as manufacturers of basic or spare parts may use more expensive materials or -Advanced technologies in their production than official manufacturers.

It should also be noted that many manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery have started production of spare parts, consumables and main components in countries such as India, Brazil and China.
When buying a new machine, every consumer already sees the quality as well as the difference between “Original” and Aftermarket spare part or equipment.

As the aftermarket spare parts that HYUNKOOK PARTS offers are mainly from manufacturers in Europe and the USA, the quality of the spare parts is very high and supported by a full warranty of 12 months, without the need to be installed by an authorized service center.

Can aftermarket parts cause a machine problem?

According to many customers around the world, the aftermarket parts that HYUNKOOK PARTS offers are of excellent quality and in 99.9% of all millions of spare parts sales, they do not need to be replaced by a warranty or other reason and are often even much more reliable. from the manufacturer of the “original” parts.

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