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Sany’s electrification is “outstanding”, leading the new trend of the industry!


Sany’s electrification is “outstanding”, leading the new trend of the industry!

Industry 4.0, energy 3.0 and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation are superimposed, opening a new round of super technology window period. In the face of the new situation, in recent years, Sany has actively participated in the new track, and won a number of “market first, technology first” as a leader. The hot market performance proves that Sany has become the “first brand” in the field of electrification in the current industry.

Competitive advantage is obvious! Win multiple “market firsts”!

With the support of our customers and partners, many of SANY’s electric products have been making great strides since their launch. Among them, in urban construction, mines, ports and other scenarios, Sany Construction Machinery’s electric vehicles have taken the lead in electrification, and have won many “market firsts”.
The market performance of urban construction vehicles such as concrete mixer trucks is particularly hot.
In October this year, 1,000 Sany electric mixer trucks in Xinmi, Henan successfully reached a contract, setting a record for the largest single electric product contract in the domestic industry. At present, Sany’s electric mixer trucks, dump trucks, tractors and other products have been promoted and tested in more than 20 cities such as Zhengzhou and Nanyang, and the cumulative order has exceeded 2,000 units. The market performance can be described as “outstanding”.
Sany New Energy heavy truck is the biggest dark horse this year.
After becoming the monthly sales champion of the industry for the first time with 273 units in September this year, Sany New Energy Heavy Truck won the championship with 325 units in October. The good performance in the past two months has also allowed its cumulative market share in the first ten months of this year to reach 13.83%, an increase of 10 percentage points over the same period last year, making it the sales champion in the domestic market in one fell swoop.
At present, the cumulative operating mileage of these new energy heavy trucks has exceeded 5 million kilometers, and the customer’s recognition is very high.

Vehicles in specific scenarios such as port tractors and mining electric trucks have also entered the implementation stage of electric industrialization. For example, the 18 Sany pure electric trucks invested in Shenzhen Mawan Port have become an indispensable force for the operation of the first “smart port” in the Greater Bay Area; Sany Heavy Equipment has invested 20 units in 3 open-pit mines in Qinghai and other places The unmanned pure electric mining truck is the first in the industry to realize the commercial operation of unmanned driving.

Overseas markets are also frequent bright spots. Not long ago, the first batch of Sany SY16E “production version” pure electric excavators were delivered to Southeast Asian customers, which is the first order for China’s electric excavators to go overseas.
Relying on the strong performance of the products, at present, SANY electrified products have established a strong product competitiveness and good reputation in the market with “high battery life, fast energy replenishment, high reliability, extreme safety, strong power, and excellent service”, and their market position is far away. lead.
Innovations are emerging! Win multiple “Technology Firsts”!
In recent years, Sany has made continuous innovations in the fields of electrification and intelligence, and has launched more than 30 new energy products, covering three major energy-supply routes of pure electricity, battery swap, and hydrogen fuel. The independent development of three major items, such as electric drive and battery, is one of the enterprises with “the most categories and the most complete technical lines” in the field of new energy in the industry.
Since the beginning of this year, under the voice of “carbon neutrality”, Sany Heavy Machinery has successively launched the world’s first 38-ton “mass-produced” electric excavator, and Sany’s first SY215 electric medium excavator. Consultations for tunnels, steel mills and major mines are the number one sales.
According to Xu Haijun, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Middle Excavation Company, SANY has become the first company in the global industry to cover the entire line of electric small excavation, electric medium excavation and electric large excavation.
The electrification of Sany cranes is also strong.
In addition to the industry’s first “licensed” pure electric crane STC250BEV, since the beginning of this year, Sany Cranes has intensively launched 8 electrified products to the market, of which 12-ton and 25-ton hybrid cranes have become the market share in the segmented field. First, it is enthusiastically sought after by the market.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of SANY’s electrification innovations. At present, the world’s first “hybrid” pump truck iONTRON, the world’s first plug-in paver SAP45C-10, and the world’s first hydrogen energy tractor SYM42503S1FCEV… have been transformed from drawings into reality in Sany Industrial Park, and started widely practiced all over the world.

Industry insiders believe that the endless emergence of “firsts and firsts” reflects Sany’s strong scientific research strength and innovative strength, and also confirms that Sany’s high-quality development path is a green, low-carbon and intelligent development path.
At the same time, the electrification of construction machinery will greatly accelerate the development of product intelligence and informatization, which will be a qualitative leap in enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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